Hi, I'm Kristy. I'm mom to Adiah and Walden and partner to Russ, a teacher and writer. I'm a hospital-birthing (Adiah), home-birthing (Walden), exclusively pumping (A), exclusively breastfeeding (W), cloth diapering, babywearing, Waldorf-inspired homeschooling mom. I'm a psychological therapist (no longer practicing), longtime Pilates instructor, birth and mama-centric photographer, doula, and for the most part, stay at home mom. I seek simplicity, though I'm great at overcomplicating and overthinking all the things. I'm minimalist-ish, an environmental activist, feminist-y, and aiming to raise our children to be creative and critical thinkers.

I'm full of thoughts and love to discourse about all things motherhood. I'll be introducing you to the voices of other mom-artists, activists, feminists, and makers. If you care about relationship with other mothers who care most about raising children in a slow, simple, nature-inspired, art-filled, other-loving way... welcome to On Being Mom. You are home.