Welcome to On Being Mom! I'm going to borrow from my "About" page to both introduce myself and this blog, adding a touch more elaboration.

I'm Kristy Powell, mom to two earthside babies, Adiah (three-years-old) and Walden (six-months-old), and one angel baby, Eros, and wife to Russ, a teacher and writer. I'm a trained psychological therapist (no longer practicing), Pilates instructor and Pilates teacher trainer (not currently teaching), birth and mama-centric photographer, doula, and Waldorf-inspired homeschooling mom.

As a mom I'm a lot of things (aren't we all?!). I'm a hospital-birthing (Adiah), home-birthing (Walden), exclusively pumping (A), exclusively breastfeeding (W), cloth-diapering, wool loving, babywearing, Waldorf-inspired, attachment parenting-ish mom. I seek simplicity, though I'm excellent at overcomplicating and overthinking all the things. I'm minimalist-ish, an environmental activist, feminist-y, and aiming to raise our children to be creative and critical thinkers.

I'm a fan of the lady tribe, as well as mothers supporting and encouraging mothers. And despite having moved every three years for the last nine, I won't stop desiring, seeking, and building a tribe of like-minded and well-intentioned moms up around me. I'm interested in doing that with you. 

I'm full of thoughts, have a low "filter," and love to discourse about all things motherhood. I honor vulnerability and transparency, and I will always model that here. I love sharing my experience, but I love hearing the experiences of other moms even more. I aim to create a safe, warm, but not necessarily always comfortable environment. I believe we do the most growing when we're made to be a little uncomfortable. And though I'm a thirty-something wife and mother, I like to think I've just completed the first third of a lifetime of questioning, challenging, and growing. 

While the last few sentences do shed some light on a few of my preferences, they are hardly the tip of the iceberg when it comes to who I am as a mom. Because while it's convenient and expedient to attach such labels to a description of who I am, we all know our identities as moms are much more complicated than that.

So what are we doing here at On Being Mom? This will serve as a space for discussing all of what was mentioned above, which may take many forms. This will be a space to share stories and information spanning topics that will range from things like pelvic floor recovery after pregnancy and birth to non-hormonal birth control options you might not have otherwise considered; gender neutral and eco-conscious gift ideas for __-year-olds to my list of home and hospital birth must-haves; postural considerations while babywearing; my (and others') journey through Post Partum Anxiety and Depression; Waldorf and nature-inspired what-nots; matters of feminist thought and so on and so forth. I'll also be introducing you to the voices of other mom-artists, activists, makers, and lovers. There will also be "A Day in the Life" posts and no-holds-barred Q&As, among many other topics and discussions. 

If you care about relationships with other mothers who care about raising children in a slow, simple, mindful, close-to-nature, art-filled, holistic way... Welcome to On Being Mom. You are home.

And while my voice will be the primary one you'll read here at On Being Mom, this will be a space for others to share their voices and stories as well. If you feel so inclined, please do not hesitate to reach out -- your voice is worthy of being heard as a member of our fledgling community!

So, my always undercooked, sea-salt-dark-chocolate-olive-oil-brownies are about to come out of the oven. Hop on my couch and before you know it we'll be talking about such differing issues as labia health, threenagers, and composting leftovers (not likely in that order, or even in the same conversation, but you never know...).

Again, welcome to On Being Mom. I so look forward to the conversations we'll share. 

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